Risk Management & Loss Control

  • Risk Identification - Understanding your business allows us to identify exposures.
  • Risk Analysis - The assessment of potential impacts of those exposures.
  • Risk Control - Modify or develop a risk control program.
  • Risk Financing - Determine the most cost effective plan to pay losses.
  • Risk Administration - Monitoring, examining, and evaluating results.


OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Administration

  • What is a recordable incident? What is not?
  • How can you prepare for an OSHA inspection?

OSHA loss analysis assistance is designed to reduce your cost of compliance. Our tools and resources, such as online OSHA reporting, allows you to trend your performance over time and compare it against national benchmarks on an SIC code basis.


International IRM is committed to keeping you and your employees informed. We can provide you with workplace posters, ready-to-use employee newsletters, and safety alerts designed to help you control and avoid work-related injuries.

Education and Training

We can provide on-site management and employee seminars. They are designed to help increase safety and reduce losses, and they provide an atmosphere for team building. Together we will determine the topics that best suit your needs.

Legislative Briefs and Risk Insights

We recognize it can be difficult to keep up with legislation affecting insurance, your industry, and your business. Do you need help recognizing and assessing the trends that may have an impact on your business? International IRM will help you understand the latest issues.

Safety Handbooks

We are committed to helping you foster a safety-minded environment for your employees. Our dedicated staff of professionals can help you develop and implement safety handbooks and policies to promote a safety culture within your workforce.

Claims Analysis

Trying to control your claims experience can leave you feeling powerless. We can help. Our tools and resources help you respond, track and manage your losses as they occur. We can analyze loss data and develop strategies to mitigate future losses.