At International IRM, we realize that the privacy and confidentiality of your insurance and personal information is of absolute importance. International IRM, as a member of the financial services industry, has been and continues to be subject to federal and state privacy laws regarding the collection and exchange of your private information. International IRM gathers the necessary information from you and other public and insurance sources to execute the insurance market search and placement for the insurance coverages your risk requires. In doing so, International IRM exchanges such information only with other insurance-related parties that are similarly obligated under state and federal privacy laws and have in place the appropriate procedures to keep treatment and exchange of your information within the requirements of these laws. 

When we place your insurance with these carriers, our agency and the carriers work together to retain this information only for those activities required to underwrite, issue, and service your insurance policies. You will receive a copy of compliant practices as well from any insurance parties with which we place your coverage. We will not, under any circumstance, exchange your information with any other disaffiliated third party.